We are made of energy and our body is the vehicle of this powerful energy. A human being is composed of a physical body and some other subtle ones that are : the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual bodies.

This powerful energy that circulates regularly within our bod is called the vital energy or prana. There are different centers along our spine where this energy both concentrates and expands and these centers are called chacras.

With my psychic gifts, I’m able to be in resonance with someone’s energy and get information about their physical, emotional and mental history , in either this lifetime or the past lives.Then, I can find out what happened and created a strong negative emotional charge in the subtle bodies. My job is to clear the disturbing memories. We can speak of cell deprogramming.

How does it work ?

The healing happens with three processes :

  •  Thanks to the information I receive, the person becomes suddenly aware of what happened to them in the past.
  • Practicing Visualization Exercices help release the negative emotional and / or mental charge and harmonize the vital energy.
  • I use an energetic technique to clean the individual’s body.

 As a medium, I receive images and sensations which inform me what happened that disturbed someone in their past lives. Intuitive writing can also help me to receive information about the unpleasant event from the past.