Session by appointment :

  • On-site session : 601 chemin de Duhartia 64500 St Jean de Luz, France.
  • Remote session : Phone or Skype session

To book a session :

 I offer four main services :

  1. Channeling: I receive downloads and messages from family members who passed away and spiritual guides.
  2. Clearing emotions and limiting beliefs : I clear old and disturbing memories which generate a strong negative emotional charge. I also help my clients to clear limiting beliefs. Becoming aware of those memories and beliefs helps us to figure out why we are suffering and leads us to deepen self-love. I help people to understand what the ego is and how to stop letting it have a hold on them.
  3. Life and self- development coaching : I help people to take action on their real needs and core desires, which I help them to identify.
  4. Relaxation and Meditation : I help people to relax, not to identify themselves to negative emotions and thoughts, to step into real change and the realization of what is really required by their heart and soul, to be truly joyful as if what they are expecting the most had already happened.