About me

Carine Doumeizel meidum Thérapeute

I was born in 1972.

I’ve been a medium therapist and a life coach since 2008.

My main spiritual gift is clairaudience and my first channeling experience was in 2004.

I certified as a self-development coach in 2015.

I offer four main services :

  1. Channeling : I receive downloads and messages from family members who passed away and spiritual guides.
  2. Clearing : I clear old and disturbing memories which generate a strong and negative emotional charge.
  3. Life and self-development coaching : I help people to take action on their real needs and core desires, which I help them to identify.
  4. Relaxation and Meditation : I help people to relax, to not identify themselves to negative emotions and thoughts, to step into real change and the realization of what is really required by their heart and soul, to be truly joyful as if what they are expecting the most had already happened.

While I was studying sciences, I realized that I didn’t want to become an engineer. I then decided to start a transition in an artistic field. I joined a dance school in Paris (Rick Odums Dance School) and practiced classical, modern and jazz dance everyday, for five hours a day. Besides I took theater classes, which was a good experience for me to overcome my shyness. I always wanted to teach people and since I’m very fond of mountain landscapes, I found my first job as a fitness instructor in a French vacation club in the Alpes near Chamonix (UCPA les Contamines Montjoie) and in a fitness club in Chambéry. In the meantime, I obtained my fitness instructor certificate in 1995.

Then I had the chance to go to Vancouver in Canada BC, where I studied English for six months at the Pacific Language Institute.

When I came back to France, I settle in the Southwest, in the Pays Basque and created a fitness club in St Jean de Luz.The workout was based on the body-mind connection.

During that period of time, I trained in different techniques such as kinesiology, graphology, energy healing, lymphatic drainage, sacred geometry,.....

Today, I know that my soul purpose is to help people to reconnect with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

In conclusion, I would like to refer to the famous quote from a well-known French theologist Pierre Theilhard de Chardin, who says that «We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.»